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A trend we are loving lately is the minimal look.  It is sophisticated with the use of modern shapes, warm and inviting neutral tones, and playful with unusual textured fabrics. You can still bring a lot of personality to your space with this look.  With minimal decor it can also create a calming and peaceful environment so the mind feels less cluttered when relaxing in this type of living space. There are four characteristics that you can look for in your home furniture pieces to create this look.
Look for furniture with a round or curved design like our Delaney Accent Chair. It’s bulky cushion brings instant comfort to any space. The Modern Times Side Table also brings a fun element with it’s sculptural bubble wooden base.
Neutral tones like cream can create a sophisticated and monochromatic aesthetic.  For a more modern approach you can add in an acrylic piece for a clean look.  Our Risk Taker Modern Chair is the perfect blend of both. The Cosmopolitan Acrylic Barstool is a sleek and contemporary piece that will also bring a unique look to any minimal style living space.
Fabrics like sherpa add some texture and create a cozy environment you’ll want to lounge around in all day long. Our Cloud Nine Sherpa Ottoman is perfect for kicking back with and the unique channel stitching along the sides give it a sophisticated look.

Bring warmth to a neutral space by adding in natural touches of wood in a simple and beautiful design like our Desert Oasis Lounge Chair. It’s a great piece to add to a Japandi styled room. Japandi is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian style that focuses on minimalistic designs, a neutral color palette, and clean lines and open spaces with touches of natural materials.

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