Home Style Edit: How To Style A Coffee Table

A good coffee table is your living room's missing puzzle piece. Coffee tables balance your living space by giving it focus. It operates as a centerpiece that encourages gathering around with loved ones, while give you a place to put down your cup of coffee while you catch up with a friend, or pour open an inspiration book to brainstorm with your partner.  Coffee tables are also the perfect canvas for showing off your unique style. Check out our latest edit of styling tips for coffee tables of different shapes and styles.

How To Style A Large Rectangular Coffee Table

 Large rectangle coffee tables pair perfectly with sectional sofas. Plus, they have the most decorating space! Bonus tip? Pick a coffee table with drawers to easily store away unwanted clutter (think TV and stereo remotes or magazines). As you style your coffee table, play with height by arranging short and tall pieces to balance the room. Start with stacking books and top with trays and your favorite decorative objects. Add balance and warmth by adding tall candles and vases filled with flowers. Because large rectangle coffee tables have maximum decorating space, flip your favorite art book open to your favorite page for a truly lived-in and welcoming feel. 

How To Style A Round Coffee Table

Round coffee tables add an architectural element to your living room. They pair well with both other curved furniture pieces, like a barrel loveseat or accent chair, and your traditional square edged couches. Because of its geometric shape, utilize the styling rule of 3 as you decorate your round coffee table. Make sure you have décor of each element: 1) horizontal, like books or trays, 2) vertical, like tall candles and vases, and 3) sculptural, like ceramic bowls or statues. Arrange them together in a visually appealing way and admire your work.

How To Style A Clear Coffee Table

Small spaces call for clear, acrylic coffee tables. The transparency of the material makes a smaller room appear to be larger and minimizes visual clutter. The minimal design allows for so much versatility and creates an airy and modern look. Stagger décor both underneath and on top of the tables to give the tables weight, ground the room, while still allowing the space to breathe.

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