How To Style A Living Room

How To Style A Living Room

Have you been wanting to re-style your living room, but unsure of where to start? We’ve got you covered! Ahead are 6 steps to help you style your living room in a creative and mindful way.
An open journal and coffee mug sitting on an acrylic lap desk.

1. Set Intentions

Your home is a sanctuary. It is a wonderful reflection of yourself and your personality, which is why setting the right intentions will help you create a living area that feels focused and unique.
Create a vision board and take note of what styles speak to your heart and spark joy. Now with inspiration flowing, see how your lifestyle can coexist with the most creative version of yourself.
Ask yourself: How do you want to live in your space? How can you balance accessibility with creativity? How would you like to grow and expand your style?

Now that your intentions are set, the styling can begin!
Modern contemporary living room looking out big windows to LA hills.

2. Ground Your Space

Start off by laying the groundwork for your living room. Pick a focal point of your living room. What catches your eye when you enter the room and what do you value - the view? A fireplace?
For example, the focal point in the living room above are the wide open doors and view into the hills. 

A rug is the perfect piece to start with as it instantly grounds any room. Try and avoid a rug that is too big or too small for your space. To help anchor your living space and create unity, place your furniture entirely on or off the rug. You can also extend the rug to the front legs of each piece!
Bright living room furnished with unique modern furniture and decor.

3.Let Creativity Flow

Now that you have grounded your space, get creative with your layout! Circle back to your intentions and how you want to use your space.

Find foundational pieces that will strengthen your vision and space.  

Add in your larger pieces like your sofa, coffee table, and accent chairs. The size of your room should match the size of each piece. Styling your bigger pieces first and scaling them to your space is crucial for a good layout and composition. 

For some guidance, start with the focal point of your living room and build from there. Each piece faces one another while still being able to take in the focal point of the outdoors. Arranging your furniture around your focal point can create balance and spark conversation. 

Small cozy living area with modern bohemian furniture.

4. Mix & Match 

Break out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to experiment with different styles, fabrics, and materials. Some of the most creative and unique spaces integrate different styles in a cohesive way. 

Love natural bohemian pieces but also inspired by sleek modern design? Go for both! It’s natural for your living room to incorporate different styles, after all, our personalities are ever growing and diverse!

Styles that are strikingly different can coexist beautifully and may actually look best when paired together.  For example, the Melanie Lounge Chair and Brooklyn Minimal Loveseat in this room are radically different in material, texture, color, and form, but create a unique balance that keeps the room interesting when placed next to each other.  

While having similar pieces, like our Lucca Reeded Collection grant a harmonious feel to a room, diversity is important. If every piece is the same then nothing stands out. Introducing contrasting pieces and pops of color are great ways to liven up the energy in your living room!

Modern living room with a fireplace and bookshelves lining the walls.

5. Light the Fire

While the foundational pieces are crucial, the layout is only the beginning. Decor is what truly reveals the personality and warmth of the individual that dwells within. Every vignette is a story. Every object has a purpose and contributes to the mood of your home!

Modern hallway with reeded storage cabinet and decor.

Add warmth by placing art on the walls and sprinkling sculptural elements like vases, candle holders, and other vessels that create visual interest. Create texture by placing trays, baskets, and pillows on empty surfaces. Allow the room to come alive with plants and fresh blooms.

Modern reeded coffee table styled with books and decor.

Begin with your surfaces like coffee tables, cabinets, and consoles - and think about the rule of three: add something horizontal (books, trays, baskets), something vertical (blooms, lamps, art) and something sculptural (vessels or plants).  Finally, pepper in any additional pieces that feel special. You can place your favorite mug on a side table, or a fun figurine on a stack of books. 

Don’t be afraid to harvest some literal or metaphorical firewood to start your fire and bring warmth into your home. 

Living Room with black and white furniture and decor.

6. Sit Back and Enjoy

Now that the fire is burning, keep it going by actually living in your space! 

Invite family and friends over and see what conversations arise, sit back and watch your favorite films, or simply just cherish each piece you mindfully chose to create your space. 

 This is the time to create beautiful memories in your new space that feels like the truest version of yourself.  

Ready to refresh your living room? Shop Living Room  

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