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Full transparency: we believe acrylic furniture and home décor are completely timeless. Created in the 1930s and popularized in the 60s and 70s, acrylic and Lucite furniture is just as relevant today as ever. (Fun fact: Lucite is actually just a brand name that has become so popular, it has taken the place of the product name itself, just like Kleenex.) Acrylic décor is definitely one of those trends that seems to always be popular, and for good reason. Before we get into how to style with acrylic furniture, we’ll give you a rundown on why we love it so much!

First things first, why we love acrylic.

Acrylic is the definition of low maintenance: it’s UV-resistant, meaning acrylic pieces won’t fade or change colors, shatter-proof, and super easy to clean. Just use a soft cloth (microfiber is the best!) or even a Swiffer duster. If you want your pieces extra sparkly, you can just use diluted soapy water with your cloth. You shouldn’t use any chemical cleaners, like ammonia, as they can fog up the acrylic and permanently damage it. Yes, taking good care of acrylic pieces is that easy and acrylic is made to last for years of use, so you won’t have to worry about these pieces going out of style or needing to be replaced. Acrylic gives you the same aesthetic as glass, but it’s much stronger, much lighter, and maintains its clear look (glass develops that greenish look if the product is too thick). Clear acrylic can basically be considered the most neutral color of them all! Because acrylic is lightweight, rearranging is incredibly easy, even if that means moving your acrylic furniture from floor to floor. Translucent and timeless, acrylic furniture can match with any home décor style, so you can easily incorporate them into any living space.

Create the illusion of a bigger space by balancing visual weight with clear acrylic.

Quick decorating lesson: When you look at any space, your mind is automatically measuring every object’s visual weight in the entire room. Even if you don’t realize it, when you think a room is beautifully decorated, your mind is claiming that the room’s visual weight is in balance! Visual weight is how heavy or light each object feels (not actually weighs), and your mind processes every color, pattern, texture, size and shape. Acrylic pieces have the lightest visual weight (literally see through!), so they help brighten the room, giving an airy, open, and spacious look and feel. Acrylic makes it super easy to add function to your space without adding any more visual clutter. This aspect is especially important when decorating small spaces. Think a clear desk in a dorm room, a transparent dining set up in a small apartment, or a translucent side table paired with statement chairs in your favorite corner.

acrylic dining chairs, acrylic side table, modern boho style

Add some drama by accentuating acrylic's sharp lines and sleek curves.

But what if you want the acrylic pieces to stand out? Style clear acrylic furniture pieces in front of a dark or colorfully painted wall. The contrast will show off its shape, whether its sharp lines or sleek curves, and give more dimension and interest without overpowering the space.

acrylic bar stools, acrylic bench

Mix and match textures by incorporating acrylic with natural shapes and materials.

One of our favorite ways to use acrylic décor is to style it with different natural shapes and materials, like ceramic or wood. Because acrylic gives off the feeling of glass, it adds another element to your décor. Layering textures adds visual interest and is honestly just fun! Style acrylic pieces with different shapes like circles, arches, or a squiggle to give an area more personality. Arrange flowers in an imaginative way by placing them in a clear acrylic vase or display your favorite handmade ceramics on an acrylic table or tray for a truly organic look.

acrylic decor, acrylic side table

Use acrylic pieces and shelving as a display to spotlight your favorite décor.

The ghost-like nature of clear acrylic allows other décor to stand out, making it the perfect material to use to display your favorite collectibles. Whether you have trinkets from your travels or random books and artwork that remind you of home, show off your favorite items all at once on acrylic shelving, trays, or tables without making your space look cluttered. Especially fun tip: place your favorite hanging plant or candles on a clear shelf to create the illusion that it’s floating and watch your guests do a double take!

acrylic wall shelves

Play with light and different acrylic finishes for a mesmerizing experience.

Acrylic actually absorbs light, letting light pass through, instead of reflecting light like a mirror. When placed near a light source, acrylic pieces will give off a stunning, ethereal glow. This effect is especially stunning when you are using acrylic pieces with different finishes, like iridescent or sparkle. For the full experience, style your acrylic piece in a room with a lot of sunlight, near or on a window. If you don’t have a lot of windows, play with candles and lamps. The iridescent acrylic will create an eye-catching rainbow glow and as the light shifts, so does the rainbow for a truly enthralling effect. The sparkle acrylic gives off a celestial ambiance as the glitter pieces will shine like dancing stars. Even clear acrylic placed near sunlight will give off a subtle glow that enlivens and brightens up the room!

iridescent acrylic storage cart, modern boho living room

Ready to style with acrylic?

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