Ways To Show Yourself More Love

It is the month of love and we are firm believers in self-love and self-care. Both go hand in hand to creating a happier and healthier life. It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and grind of everyday life, but it is also important that we make sure to take the time to fill our own cups so that we can continue to show up as our best selves. Setting aside time for ourselves in our busy schedules can go a long way in helping to upkeep our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Keep reading for three easy ways to incorporate more self-care in your life.

Buy Yourself Flowers

  Be your own secret admirer and buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Fresh florals in a beautiful vase will brighten up and bring life into your space. Having your favorite flowers around will serve as a gentle reminder that life is beautiful and will immediately make you feel happier. Find flowers that make you smile from the farmer’s market, a florist, or a grocery store. Cut the flowers in various sizes (cut the stem at a diagonal to maximize water intake), remove all the leaves at the bottom (so no leaf is submerged in water) and and take a moment to creatively arrange until the bouquet makes your heart happy.

Flourish Ceramic Vase, Flower Arrangement, Modern Arch Vase

Use a unique vase that adds dimension to a space like our clear acrylic Modern Arch Vase, that features a playful color texture with its cheerful red and purple dots along the interior base that is inspired by the popular terrazzo print. Or add a cheerful pop of color with a vase like our Flourish Ceramic Vase. Once you’re deeply satisfied, place in your favorite spot, and take a deep breath into your bouquet and appreciate each flower’s scent and this little act of self-love that you so deserve.

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Create Your Own Corner

Carve out a corner to make a little sanctuary just for you, an area where you can take some time to yourself every day for an instantly calm and relaxed mood. No matter how often you can spend time here, even if it’s just ten minutes a day or half an hour, the possibilities are endless on how you can enjoy your own little slice of heaven. Maybe you visit your space to sit and relax to decompress when you come home, or enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea while you cuddle with your pet. Some of our own favorite wellness practices include: yoga, meditation, journaling, or catching up on reading.

Lunar Accent Chair, Melodie End Table

We recommend starting your new corner of self-care with a chair, like the Lunar Rattan Accent Chair, and a small side table, like the Melodie End Table. Bonus points if the corner has natural light. You may also want to add a lamp for mood lighting at night, a throw pillow, like our Two Sided Throw Pillow, to the chair for added comfort, or your favorite plant or sculpture. Style your favorite things on the table like a picture frame, a journal, a book, or a diffuser to create a truly relaxing environment. The space should be functional to what you intend to use it for, but also comfortable so that it draws you in every time you see it and acts as a daily reminder to prioritize rest when it is needed.

Take A Rest Day

As we grow older, it always seems like our calendar fills up so quickly. Prioritize a weekend in each month or one day out of the week where you allow yourself to unplug or do an activity that makes you happy and sparks your creativity.

Crystal Clear Large Tray, Acrylic Large Tray, Laid Back Lap Desk

We love having clear acrylic trays around the house to support eating a meal in your favorite place, like your bed or couch. The Crystal Clear Large Tray is perfect for slow mornings when you want to enjoy breakfast in bed or a cup of coffee or tea. The Laid Back Lap Desk is great for days when you just want to be a couch potato and catch up on your favorite TV shows while enjoying a snack. It can also be used for days when you want to catch up on some light reading or journaling in bed. Or maybe you keep some coloring books around and can treat your inner child to a color session while watching a movie.

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Burnout can be a serious health problem, especially if it goes unaddressed for long periods of time. It can actually lead to less productivity, loss of motivation, and feelings of self-doubt or defeat. So make sure to carve out time for yourself to rest and recharge your batteries-however that may look like for you! Show yourself some self-love each and every day.

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